Friday, March 28, 2008

Solat / Sembahyang

I have a friend who is now studying
in UKM and as the medium is Bahasa
Melayu, the lecturers/professors there
would, once in a while, in between
lectures, spend some time discussing
the Malay language.
The latest discussion was on the
word "Sembahyang". According to one of
the professors (who is an expert in
Malay language), the word "sembahyang"
is taken from 2 Sanskrit words which
are "sembah" and "yang". "Sembah" is
the word sembah that we've always
understood. However, the word "yang"
refers some "berhala" or "dewa". So
putting the words together, it means
to "sembah" the one that is equivalent
to God.
Almost all of us have been using
the word "sembahyang" throughout our
lives. And it has been okay because
we've always interpreted that word to
mean sembah Allah.
However, now that we know where
and how the word originated, it would
be much much better and safer (to the
aqidah) to use the alternative
word, "solat"; when we mean to
say "sembahyang".
please forward if you do care
about Islam......

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